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I was rather brazenly, in typical me fashion typing away my initial menu during a staff meeting, in my defence the meeting was a rather bore – it was on the do’s and dont’s of Ramazan. The teacher sitting next to me did give a rather pointed stare when Gareth talked about dress lengths propriety. It was ridiculously hot I mean!
One year ago around about the summer, I figured, it was do or die – the monotony of the daily grind was getting to me, so I thought I would branch out, explore new horizons as they say. At worst If I failed, I would laugh about it, if I succeeded, well, to be honest, the thought never really occurred. Granola & Muesli made sense, I hated buying store ones, so would stand over my oven every day experimenting with some mad ideas. It literally was a wake-up and just do it sort of idea.
My first guinea pig was niece Nora, thankfully she was teething and the granola, when chilled, was just the right thing for her to gnaw on and sooth her aching gums!! Growing teeth is serious business you know, hence also the name “Nora Got Sweet Tooth”, that’s how it all started.
An idea sketched on paper, scribbled hastily, fasts which would melt into another day, orders, reviews, fears it just all clicked. It’s evolved and still evolving, the add-ons were another “eureka” moment, I could only fathom once it started, how big a part it would play for me.
Close to 6 years since our inception, Nora Got Sweet Tooth is still growing, evolving, recreating, attempting to make its place in a new world order. As 2020 showed us, we are but miniscule cogs in complicated world wide connections, which span our life times. Forever intertwined.
Nora is growing up by leaps and bounds, just like our brand. With an opinion on our products, she continues to be our constant sounding board and sanity in all ways. As life has constantly dealt us a hand we were ill-prepared for and got thrown for a complete curve-ball. Such are the vagaries of existing.
So while the world I live in is forever altered, simultaneously with the world inhabited by all, Nora Got Sweet Tooth works on reinvention, creation and experimentation. We work on the simple premise of working outside the box, pushing the boundaries and creating. Forever and always creating.
Till then, there is Nora and I, our madness and the passion to be so much better than ordinary.
Life for all its misery is ours. It belongs to no other.

Love is our main ingredient

When it comes to Granola, muesli and all things vegan, we know it’s all about the euphoric flavours that add a completely new personality to food.

My chunks, swirls, dried fruits and spices are found in many corners of the globe – be it the Grand Bazar of Istanbul, the Honey Bee Fair in Estonia, Organic Blue Agave from Latin America, Canadian Maple Syrup, pure Cocoa powder from the Ivory Coast or just plain fun eats sweets from Dylan’s in New York.

The flavour is dynamic, artisanal, unique and one of a kind. Our smoothie bowls are a fun fest of colours, ranging from Spirulina to Matcha, Maca to Acai. Our Karamel slices with vegan caramel, made from the finest dates, infused with roasted almonds and cashews from Peshawar. Our bliss balls with Sri Lankan Cinnamon, Punjab Chia seeds and the odd dried berries sourced from America.

Vegan, vegetarian, refined sugar free. We have you covered. Need to create something specific for your health concern?You came to right place!

We offer up some unique flavours found only in certain countries – the freshly dried Kishmish that is only available in the Moroccan Bazars at the foot of the Atlas mountains or Ajwa dates from Saudia.

Sounds like a good excuse to get your palate ready! Let’s take a tasty trip, shall we? Keep those taste buds at the ready, as Nora and I take you on a culinary journey with our Around the World flavours and options.

Dairy free, vegan slices of goodness to kick start your day.

We make black beans and chickpeas fun! Take a chance.

Granola, which is forever personalized for you!

Our granola is the perfect lunch, dinner and breakfast

Vegan, dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free options!


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